The Training Data Platform for computer vision teams

LinkedAI is a complete set of tools to create and manage high-quality training data with efficiency. We provide an intuitive interface and automation features to support your annotation needs as you scale.

Powerful image labeling tool

Annotate, manage and iterate with intuitive, fast and automated tools to finish computer vision projects in less time. Bounding box Points & lines Ellipses Polygons Instance segmentation Classification

Identify and extract structured text from images

Converting unstructured text data into a machine-readable format is necessary to train various text recognition algorithms for different use cases.
License plate identification, ID verification, product cataloging are some of them. To help you build models that can analyze text in images, LinkedAI platform offers an effortless transcription tool.


Manage all projects with powerful analytics in real-time

Data is power. Analytics tools are the key to successful project and data management. LinkedAI makes this data accessible in real-time to improve your model and human labeling performance, enabling you to create better models faster.


Project Management

Keep track of your team's progress. Whether you choose to work with internal teams or LinkedAI's labeling workforce, you can stay in the loop on project progress, efficiency, and data quality.


Powerful API

Seamlessly import data, labels, model predictions and push labeled data into training environments to work with your data programmatically.

Choose the best way to label your data